Understanding a Comprehensive Assessment

    The Step by Step Guide
  • Background: We discuss your hearing and medical history to better understand your hearing
  • Video otoscopy: Our live feed optic camera is inserted into the ear canal to determine the health of the ear canal and eardrum. The view will be displayed on a screen to show the condition of both ears.
  • Hearing assessment: This tests your ability to hear various pure tones, which will show the quietest sounds that can be heard in each ear. This is carried out using earphones and a bone conductor, which tests the inner ears on their own.
  • Speech testing: Using our custom designed assessment booth, our tests measure how effectively speech can be understood in quiet and noisy environments.
  • With our results compiled we can replicate any sound loss found and in realtime, show you any loss of hearing you have in direct comparison. We will then discuss our findings with you.
  • If you feel that hearing enhancement would benefit you, we can also fit trials the same day from the largest hearing suppliers, so you can instantly appreciate if the latest devices can improve you lifestyle