Can I hear the same as everyone else?

What is involved in a Hearing Screening?

A hearing screening is a relatively short test. It consists of is a series of different tones or beeps that play within the ‘normal’ hearing range. If you can hear everything, then you don’t have hearing loss. In which case, there’s no need for a further investigation.

If you don’t hear some of the beeps or sounds, then you likely have hearing loss. A hearing screening can’t tell us anything about your hearing loss. All we know is that it exists. This is where a comprehensive assessment differs as it provides us with much more information.

  • Background: We disuss your hearing and medical history to better understand your hearing
  • Otoscopy: We will place a microscope inside the ear canal to check the ear canal and ear drum. We use this technique to also check for wax deposits and blockages
  • Screening: A four point audiogram is performed to see how well you hear different sounds. We use a pure tone test which will show if you have any loss of hearing.
  • If you pass, then no other tests are needed. We will recheck this for you at 1-2 yearly intervals. If you fail, we will then advise you to complete our comprehensive assessment to see if you indeed have a hearing loss and what might be causing it.

Our screening appointments takes 20 minutes to complete in full.


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